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We are Treat Studios Limited. We specialise in the production of animation and motion graphics, whether it is 2D or 3D, handcrafted or digital. As well as being passionate about design we excel at combining our animation with live action and take pride in our ability to create collaboratively with clients. These range from small agencies to large international corporations and our projects vary between single week promos to 8 month TV shows.



Three selected projects that show Treat at it's most weird and wonderful.

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A Short Film


Selected works of animation, motion graphics and pitch work for a variety of clients that we feel best shows of the wide breadth of creativity that has come out of this compact little company.



"We'll post something soon, honest!"



Treat Studios is a animation, motion graphics and design hub based in Hackney, London.

We are passionate about creating animated content that not only looks stunning but fulfils a purpose. We live in an ever-changing digital world, but by engaging the audience with animation and story-telling that inspires, amuses and informs we create video content that people actually remember and want to watch again and again!

Treat Studios has created digital content for some huge household brands over the years and worked with world-class agencies. We understand the responsibility marketing companies have to their clients, so we work efficiently and always on schedule.

We also understand that for some, creating animated content may be daunting. Here at Treat Studios we pride ourselves on the ability to guide our clients through the process, by creating and tailoring a style of animation that fits with their budget. 

So whatever your project why not get in touch and tell us about it?" 

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